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Israel is a beautiful place, with many exotic places, lovely cities and breathtaking natural resources. Every tourist that wishes to see Israel for what it truly is, will benefit from going on a private tour with a professional guide.

who should go on private tours?

Local tourist – many domestic tourists in Israel prefer to travel with a guide. The professional guide will be able to find new things to see even in the most familiar places.

Tourists from abroad – tourists that live abroad and with to get familiar with Israel, are the kind of tourists that can benefit the most from hiring a tour guide and going on a private tour. When visiting a foreign country you know nothing about, it is better to hire a local guide that can show you all the beautiful places, explain and introduce the specialties of each place and answer every question you might have.

Private tour in israel

Ethnic and culinary tour – for foreign visitors the meeting of different culture and exploration of ethnic traditions and cuisines is the best private tour. In Israel you will find many different and colorful traditions and dishes.

Cruise – there are many ways to travel besides walking and driving. One unique way to experience Israel is by cruising along the shore,

Religion and art tour – Israel is a place with rich religious history and great importance. On a religion tour with you will explore sacred cities such as Jerusalem and Nazareth and learn about the religious importance of the sites in those cities.

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